Уoda X - new generation of cryptocurrency

I'll show you how you can build your own cryptocurrency empire based on Yoda X. I'll tell you about the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in daily life and how to start making money with them now!

The ability to purchase any physical goods and services in p2p, b2p

Cryptocurrency based on 3 blockchains

YODA X (YOD) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on 3 blockchains with addition of unique YODA X algorithms.

YODA X usage concept provides for using this cryptocurrency not only as a payment instrument. YODA X can satisfy any needs of the community and be a perfect tool for buying any tangible goods, as well as p2p and b2b services.

The purpose of this coin is to incorporate all benefits of the existing crypto economy and enable absolutely every person in their everyday life to have all possibilities provided by the blockchain technology that is already spread around the whole world.

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Instant exchange of cryptocurrencies

This technology allows for exchanging any cryptocurrencies instantly with minimal charges and without any brokers

Financial Services for Individuals

YODA X cryptocurrency bank creates the internal crediting, cryptocurrency investment and insurance system

Marketplace p2p and b2b

Single marketplace where you may use cryptocurrencies to buy any goods from individuals and legal entities

Debit cards of Yoda X bank

Yoda X cryptobank will allow you to have debit cards that instantly convert Yoda X into any other currency worldwide

SwiftX Yoda X Technology

This technology will allow you to make nearly instant cryptocurrency transactions (1 second minimum) and allows the use of bank cards

Collective Staking of Yoda X

It allows for regulating the amount of the mined coins through utilization of collective money mining algorithms and distribution of coins among all holders

Yoda X Roadmap

This is only the main stages of the development of the Yoda X cryptocurrency. In fact, the roadmap is much more extensive and much more complicated.

  • April 3, 2020
    Blockchain launching

    Launching blockchain and the first master nodes

  • April 24, 2020
    Yoda X Wallets

    Launching wallets for Windows, Linux and Mac

  • June 23, 2020
    Web wallet

    Launching Yoda X Web Wallet

  • Jule 15, 2020

    Listing on CoinMarketCap

  • Jule 31, 2020

    Launching p2p and b2p marketplace

  • January 2021
    Bank registration

    Official registration of Yoda X Bank

Presentation of Yoda X coin

We regularly hold online presentations of the Yoda X coin. Sign up for the next presentation and get information from top leaders!

Upcoming Presentation:

26 2020 - 15:00 (UTC+3)

Sergey Andrienko

Write me "I want to join Yoda X" right now, and I'll tell you how to buy Yoda X cryptocurrency, and sign you up to the online presentation where you can ask all the questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

The blockchain is specifically designed for the coin, given its future prospects. When we creating the Yoda X blockchain, we take 3 blockchains as a basis, namely Dash, Zero, Pivx. From each were taken his best qualities - strengths, speed, defense.
Instant exchange of cryptocurrencies between blockchains. Financial services for individuals. Maintenance of the trading platform p2p, b2p. Integration of Yoda X with fiat payment systems.
There is a PoS algorithm, block size: 2 MB, block time up to 60 seconds. Key features: a specialized battery check system and the availability of SwiftX technology, which allows for almost instant transactions.
The purpose of the coin is to unite all the advantages of the existing crypto economy and allow absolutely everyone in everyday life to use all the possibilities of the blockchain technology that has already enveloped the whole world without effort.
Coin mining will be through the Staking algorithm (PoS - Proof of Stake). Roughly speaking, everything works by analogy with a deposit in a bank - you put funds into the account, and they work for themselves. The more funds invested - the greater the profit. The time that you hold funds in the account can also be taken into account, depending on it, earnings increase.
It's the most important issue for us, which we immediately took control. We already have pre-prepared support for a team of traders. We created a shortage of coins, which will affect the price of the coin, given the demand. Instruments issued on the roadmap will create more interest, and thereby demand for the coin.